What You Should Do With Old Content

It can be quite daunting when your old content starts to lack traffic, but you don’t have to delete it for your content to start getting a lot of clicks. While it’s always important to create new content for your website, there are ways to improve old pieces of content, without deleting them from your website. As digital experts, we know the world of marketing well and we have helped hundreds of companies to embark on the development of their online visibility.

Best Content Is Indexed

Content plays an important role in your marketing strategy , and our experts can help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of getting the word out about your website. For more information, contact the Max Web team today. Contents Why is my content not getting traffic? Should I delete poorly performing content? Improve your content! Test A / B Perform keyword research Analyser les backlinks Refer to comments Compare your Germany Number Data content to the competition What is your Evergreen score? Find a solution Reuse your content more Why is my content not getting traffic? Content production alone is no longer enough to drive traffic to your website – and this is one of the biggest challenges for businesses.

Germany Number Data

You May Have A Better Chance

There are a number of reasons why your content isn’t driving traffic, including because of your website’s UX. After all, if your site lacks usability, no one will want to visit it! But should you remove poorly performing content from your website or recycle it? Should I delete poorly performing content? It’s easy to think that because your CW Leads content isn’t performing as well as you hoped, the best thing to do is delete it. There are many reasons people choose to do this, including: Prompt Google to prioritize the best pages : If you have multiple pieces of content on the same topic, you want the most up-to-date version to appear in the SERPs.

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