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If the data collected in 2013 and 2014 already revealed its importance. With the advancement of technology. Predictive marketing will continue to grow. Predictive analytics is forecast to grow in 2021. With global predictive analytics spending estimated at $35.45 billion in 2027. Its use is reflected in the use of predictive analytics data and tools such as churn rate . Conversion rate and lifetime value. How to use it in your company? If there is already the possibility of collecting a large amount of data. Analyzing it and using it in favor of your sales. Then why waste this resource more? With predictive marketing. You will have the data in your favor to plan.

Create and execute actions. In VP Facility Manager Email Lists different channels. With greater possibility of success. Based on the previous behavior of your audience. Including according to seasonal movements. See what are the points of your digital strategy in which predictive marketing can be used. Web . Invest in a dynamic website that changes according to the user’s click. From the data collection. It is possible to offer recommendations in real time and increase the possibilities of conversions. Social media. Here predictive marketing is as well known as. Looking for or talking about a product or service.

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And then it appears in social networks. Above all. It is using the social media algorithm and your website to predict which products or services are most likely to be purchased. Alternatively. They can also be a great help in predicting the best times to publish organically. Through the analysis of old publications. Email. Email marketing is a resource that generates excellent results. With predictive marketing. You can create personalized messaging actions according to user actions. Do you think it ends hereā€¦no! We have more tips! Seo. Optimization takes on a new guise with predictive marketing. Anticipating trends and the possible pain of your visitors. Leads and potential customers.

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By using your website traffic. As well as search ranking. You can determine if you will lose traffic. Or have a peak in visits. And thus anticipate the behavior of your users. Giving you what they need at every moment. Lead scoring. Tired of getting leads that convert but then don’t match your icp and persona? Through tools such as rd station. You can define your personas in advance. Define the respective lead scoring and thus. You will receive notification of the leads that effectively correspond to what was defined – contributing to a good relationship with sales. Advertising.

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Paid media’s work gains even more strength with the use of smarter targeting. Whether by demographics or interests. With the ability to predict purchase interest. Analysis. With a greater amount of data and quality. The accuracy of the analyses also increases. With predictive marketing. You can track what is working and what is not in each campaign. But individually and for each active user. With this information. It is possible to carry out more effective actions and ensure better results. Conclusion despite technology giants such as amazon already using predictive marketing.

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