How Much Does It Cost to Open an Mei?

How much does it cost to open a mei prime light see also: all about mei – individual microentrepreneur how much does it cost to open an mei? How much does it cost to open a mei ? To open a mei there is no hidden cost or fee. The process is completely free and can be carried out within the entrepreneur portal . Any fee charged that you are charged to register as mei is not a fee charged by law and, therefore, payment is not required. Billing control worksheet for mei what are the main costs of being an mei? Although, to take your mei, you have no costs, it doesn’t mean that staying in this condition is free of expenses. Being a microentrepreneur you will have costs yes. For example, you have to pay a monthly amount to be mei .

This Amount Refers to the Das a Collection Document

That serves as a tax payment by the microentrepreneur. Prime light does mei need an accountant? According to the law that governs this regime ( complementary law nº 128 of 2008 ), the mei is not required to hire an accounting firm. Even so, he needs to make an annual declaration of his phone number lists for sale  income so it is extremely important to keep a record of his financial movements. You can use a cash flow worksheet to record the movements. In the same way that you don’t need, as an mei, to pay an accountant monthly, you also don’t need one to get your cnpj as an mei.

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Only the Registration in the Entrepreneur

portal already guarantees. However, nothing prevents you from hiring an accountant, including to assist you in the event of any hiring on your part as a microentrepreneur. Thus, the accountant can assist in the calculation of labor obligations with his employee. Costs to open your business the only costs, in fact, that you will have when you take your mei are the costs to start the operation of your new business, that is, your direct costs . This involves cost with raw materials, packaging, manufacturing or the costs involved in providing your services.

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