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Well, it’s one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor in ranking in Google. Of course, you can use traditional SEO methods such as citations to Implement backlinks , but that will only get you so far. In order to get high-quality Kuwait Phone Number from the medium, you need to give them a reason to write about you. Original online marketing strategies relied heavily on technical knowledge of SEO with only a small amount of creative input. That changed with the development of PR and Google’s ability to understand online content. SEO and PR must go hand in hand. Since both disciplines require high-quality, relevant content, creativity must play a bigger role. Creative digital PR techniques have skyrocketed over the past few years.

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Those “dream job” stories you see in the media? Digital PR. Did you see the survey that 3 out of 10 Game of Thrones fans called their kids Khaleesi? Probably a digital PR person. Best vegan high street index in the UK? Definitely a digital PR person. When you have new hires like new hires or new products , you no longer have to follow the rulebook of just getting insurance. Now we make our Kuwait Phone Number news. How has the measurement changed? Remember the Ad Value Equivalent (AVE)? Some institutions still use it as a metric – although you shouldn’t – CIPR classifies it as an invalid metric . AVE is where PR people calculate the “value” of insurance by estimating the cost of buying it as an advertisement. But it doesn’t stop there  you can then multiply it anywhere up to five times because technically (and I do agree with this) editorials are more valuable than ads.

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For example, if you get a story in a trade magazine and the average cost of a one-page ad is £3,000, you can prove your worth by estimating that the story is worth up to £15,000. Well Now: Measure with digital PR In the past, measuring PR was Kuwait Phone Number because brand awareness was hard to see. The readership and circulation data that used to dominate traditional PR has been replaced by new metrics teams that are easier to quantify. Due to its SEO-friendly nature, you can use many different measurement tools to quantify the success of your campaign. 1 – Number of backlinks earned Links from reputable outlets are like gold dust, and there’s a reason I do this exact dance every time I get a backlink.

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