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Adorable puppy you need to potty train. Google analytics needs to be taught what to do — and more importantly — what not to do. You need to tell it what data you actually care about and what it should be removing from the data set it is showing you. Filters like employee ip addresses. Locations. And self-referrals all need to be set up when you install google analytics. Otherwise you won’t see the true website visitor data you’re looking for. So.

For all those site Hospital Mailing Lists owners. Webmasters. And wayward digital marketers out there.  About making decisions based off of your reporting. Tag setup. Is google analytics installed properly. And in a way that doesn’t conflict with your site’s performance or other tracking tools you might be using? Security protocols. Which version of your site are you tracking?

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Are you sending users to the most secure version of your site? You have to tell google analytics which one you care about. Custom goals. In a perfect world. What actions do you want your users to perform? Giving this information to google analytics enables you to view what steps led up to that action. Engagement audiences. Are you bucketing your users into different groups based on the last time they were on your site? Again. Google analytics needs to know this. Too. Filters. What data do you care about?

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Telling google analytics what to remove can significantly improve the accuracy of your numbers. I know. That was a lot of stuff. So. Let’s go through each one. Let’s start with overall tag setup the question we’re going to address at this step is. Simple. Are your google analytics tags properly tracking all users across all pages across all of the domains on your site? We need to make sure that the entire site is being tracked and controlled within your google analytics account. Leaving pages or subdomains untracked can lead to users going unnoticed.

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Which can include vital steps of their buying journey. I use google’s own tag assistant to make these settings are where they need to be. (by the way. Google tag assistant is a free chrome extension that records your site loading and scans for all google tags installed on a given page.) let’s look at an example. Google-analytics-tag-setup looking at this site’s tags.

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