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Everything is created. Nothing is copied! Now you know that the “everything is copied” of the saying doesn’t work well! There is great importance in original content that goes far beyond avoiding legal problems. Credibility. Authority and ranking in search engines are more than enough reasons for a material not to be copied and for creativity to be respected. If you want to know a little more about copyright on the internet. Check out our article here on the blog . Mini site: what it is and how to create one for your business have you heard of mini site? Find out how 3-5 page websites help your brand gain recognition and authority. 09/13/2021 by hotmart reading time 7 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp open internet browser window on a minisite currently.

There are several ways to create a digital marketing strategy and increase the visibility of a business on the internet. A great way to do this is by creating a mini site. This type of web page is an excellent tool for those who want to sell on the internet and. In the following text. You will understand what a mini site is. What its main features and differentials are and how to create one for your business. Follow up. What is a mini site? Mini site is a site with one or a few pages. With the objective of exposing a product or subject in a direct and objective way . The idea is not to offer in-depth content. So it has a simpler approach. It is commonly used in digital marketing. And can even be an extension of the company’s main website .

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Which offer products produced by other people and earn a commission for the sale of these products. In this context. The mini site helps in the dissemination. Exposing and directing the page visitor to a purchase. What is the difference between a mini site. A hotsite and a landing page? Some people may Hungary phone number confuse the concepts of mini site. Hotsite and landing page. As they are similar and they are all inserted in the context of digital marketing. However. They have differences between them. Mainly with regard to the objective of each one. The mini site. As mentioned in the previous topic. Is a simpler virtual space. With few pages and reduced information. It is possible to have multiple mini sites connected or not to a main site. On the other hand.

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Therefore. It has an expiration date to go off the air. A landing page is a page with the objective of capturing leads. Visitors to this page are not necessarily with the intention of buying something. They are usually looking for free material that sheds more light on a particular subject. In this sense. It is done in a very direct way. Leading the person to fill out a form to receive something in return. What are the advantages of creating a mini site? As mentioned before. This type of website is widely used by people who have the objective of earning money as an affiliate . Because it can be used as a “product catalogue”. A more direct sales page that features one or more specific merchandise. With that in mind. We will list.

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Below. The main advantages that this feature can offer. Explore specific niches as it is a page that has a subject in focus. A mini site helps in exploring specific niches . Unlike a main site. For example. Where you can have a “home” page. Another “about us” page and even a page with several products for sale. A specific web page has a purpose. So the probability of its page reach a more targeted audience is greater. Because. Probably. Your mini site will appear in a more focused search for that niche that is looking for and wants to buy your product. Minor content production unlike a blog . For example. Which needs to be supplied with content on a regular basis. A mini site does not require such constant content production . Exactly because it is a simpler page. It does not require very in-depth and extensive content.

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