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So in your e-mail you thank you again for the purchase and you give nice tips from an interior specialist (such as Jan des Bouvrie) that will make the sofa even better. For example with side tables or rugs. It is the way to trigger your reader a little more. This removes any uncertainty about your own interior styling and turns your fan into a super fan. Make sure your customers see you as an expert in your field. It gives you an extra push in terms of credibility and for that relationship you so desperately want to have with the customer. Principle 4. Social proof People look to the actions of others to make their own choices.

Engaged With Your Company

Especially when people are unsure about their purchase or request, they look to others to make the decision. In this case, for example, it’s a good idea to show what others are doing. This way, a potential new customer Armenia WhatsApp Number List can be convinced to purchase a service or product. As an example, Cialdini mentions the cards that you always find in the bathroom in hotel chains. On these cards, you are asked to recycle your towels with the message that this is good for the environment. In an experiment, the texts on the cards were adapted. When the text was changed to ‘75% of our guests reuse their towels during their stay’, towel reuse increased by 26%.

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With Your Company

And when the text was changed to: ‘75% of the guests in this room reused their towel’, the number of guests who did so CW Leads also increased by 33%. If it works for hotel towel reuse, what could it do for marketing automation? Social proof & marketing automation Social proof can be used well in marketing automation. Has a customer purchased a product or service from you? Then follow up with an email with the reviews of similar customers. What we think is a great example: travel agencies or airlines that send an automated email a week before your trip with tips from a local. It is an easily configurable automated email flow that strengthens the connection with the company through social proof.

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