Your Best With the One Thing Author

Once in a while, I have the opportunity to be able to connect with someone who has changed my business and my life. Jay Papasan is the best-selling author of The ONE Thing, CEO of Keller-Williams Realty , and in 2014 Jay was Kuwait Phone Number named “one of the most powerful people in real estate.” Before I started Carrot, I was struggling. I felt stuck. I never knew how to introduce myself or what to do. Many of you have probably heard of or read Jay’s book, The One Thing. The content of these pages has changed my life both personally and professionally. I didn’t get too far into the book until I realized I had looked at it wrong. I had always thought that doing more was better, when in fact it was better to do less.

Couple Goal Setting

The first thing we covered was the subject of goal setting with your spouse or partner. It’s something that Jay is passionate about and that I would like to improve on. I have no problem setting goals for the business, but when it Kuwait Phone Number comes to personal goals and sitting down with my family to sync, I know I could do better. What started 14 years ago as a conversation between Jay and his wife Wendy, has now turned into a 200 person seminar. For their first conversation, Jay and Wendy knew it was important to spend time away from home and get out of their usual routine. They hired a babysitter, found a cheap hotel, and sat down to discuss their lives and where they wanted to be.

The Only Thing

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They asked each other uncomfortable questions and discussed where they wanted to see themselves and their families in the next five years. To keep things going, they talked about things that filled them up, including where they Kuwait Phone Number wanted to go on vacation in the coming year . Set financial goals and decide to save $1,500 a month as a down payment on their next real estate investment. They knew they wanted to work on their relationship , so they made sure to set up a date every week – mid-week so they didn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter. They knew they had to have this conversation outside of their usual environment and that it was important to make it fun .

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