Worksheet for Uber or Cabify Drivers


Per Leandro Borges- 10/04/2017516929 uber-vehicle-wheel control – Text after advertising – The explosion of private drivers throughout Brazil and the world has finally arrived at LIGHT. Lately, we have received some requests from drivers from various services such as Uber and Cabify wanting spreadsheets, in the LIGHT quality, to be able to manage their earnings and costs. See below the main features that the spreadsheet has: 1. Weekly Control The first and main feature of the spreadsheet is the weekly control of the result. In it, you will be able to automatically see all the gains of the period, all the costs and also the shooting. weekly-uber control – Text after advertising.

Detailed Cost Worksheet in This Part of the Worksheet

You will add all your vehicle costs categorizing them for detailed analysis. Among the most famous are fuel, washing, IPVA, insurance and repairs. uber-vehicle-cost-sheets 3. Annual Report The spreadsheet, in addition to the weekly report and the breakdown, has a report with all the phone number in germany consolidated data month by month to give you an overview of how the business is evolving! annual-uber-report 4. Complete Financial Dashboard One of the coolest features of this spreadsheet is the complete financial dashboard. In it, you will be able to dive headfirst into your financial results, seeing all your data quickly and practically!

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Detailed-Financial-Dashboard Shooting Dashboard

As important as finances, for an uber or cabify driver is keeping.  A good view of the running of their vehicle and their hours worked. uber-vehicle-wheel control Did you like the spreadsheet? Do you think she can help you? See our full demo version! – Text after advertising – previous article Inbound Marketing: What is it and how to do it? next article Influencer Marketing Leandro Borges Leandro began his professional life consulting hundreds of small companies throughout Brazil and was a professor at institutions such as SEBRAE, Vale, Souza Cruz, FIRJAN, COPPE and FGV.

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