Why Is the Perfect Time to Accelerate Spring

We wrote a blog post about the seasonality of real estate investor leads and the volume of online searches that motivated home sellers, cash buyers, renters, etc. perform each month during the holiday months. In this article, we’ve presented the data and statistics showing the Kuwait Phone Number common “dip” in searches during the holiday months for people looking to sell their home…and the surge in these motivated leads online in the spring and summer. Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of deals to be had during the winter months. In fact, during one of our recent coaching calls for our Carrot members (included in our Content Pro plan), we showed off some online marketing.

Leads of Online Motivated

This is the average motivated real estate seller online search. Of just 11 common searches for highly motivated real estate sellers that sellers perform online. Notice the data…and the slight rise to a summer peak in searches. Then another climb in the fall before the holiday plunge. Now take a look at these below which are a bit more detailed on specific keyword phrases that we know motivated sellers type into Google every month. (at the end of this article, I’m going to show you something really cool we’re seeing.

Competitive Alabama Market

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Kuwait Phone Number List

And how it indicates we’re heading into another BIG year for an increase in searches for motivated sellers online. So read this article in whole and let me know your thoughts in the comments section) “We’re Buying Homes” Searches: Increase in Spring and Summer It’s December… Are you preparing now to capture the search volume of more motivated sales leads in the spring and summer? If you don’t have a website, now is the time to create one and get started. If you have a website, now is the time to get things done. “Sell the house quickly” type phrases: spring bump with increase at the end of summer Get the picture now? Get your website in place and optimized…or get a real marketing plan in place and execute it NOW is the perfect time. To start so you can capture the surge of late spring and summer.

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