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Want to get more leads through SEO, but don’t know where to start? Over the next 4 episodes, we’ll be bringing in cutting-edge SEO experts to teach you Ghana Phone Number everything you need to do as an investor or agent to start attracting more leads through the power of engine optimization. search for real estate. From getting started to advanced tactics and concepts. Part 1: Why the best time to get into SEO is yesterday | 3 Steps to Jumpstart SEO Part 2: The 5 Most Important and Overlooked SEO Secrets for Real Estate You’ve Never Heard Part 3: SEO for Multiple Markets Part 4: 5 Backlink Building Tips for faster SEO results Three years ago, Adrian Nez was ready to pursue his virtual deals and move to Columbus.

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I’m insanely excited to share this episode of the Carrotcast with you all. Every time Adrian and I get together, creativity flows and we find that we could end up chatting for hours. It’s so awesome to be able to share one of these great conversations with you in Part 1 of our SEO series. Today we dive into Adrian’s background, how he used SEO to thrive in a crowded market, and what you can do to make it work for your business. Adrian’s story As many of you may know, Adrian has been part of the Carrot family for some time.

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Ghana Phone Number List

In fact, he was the first customer of Carrot, which has operated multiple websites. In multiple markets since signing up with us. Today, Adrian leads our Tuesday coaching calls and has had thousands of calls with Carrot clients to provide his perspective. We are delighted to announce that he will take on a new role at Carrot as the Official Real Estate Investor-in-Residence starting this quarter. We couldn’t be more grateful to see his insight, knowledge and passion to help added to our team at a higher level. For his investment business, Adrian focuses solely on SEO. He has created proven strategies and formulas that simplify the entire SEO process. Here are 3 of the biggest takeaways from our conversation.

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