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Any sales 101 course will tell you to follow up often, regularly, and without hesitation. But stay… …you’re hesitating. After all, you don’t have time to send hundreds of emails or make hundreds of phone calls every day. Sure, that would be South Africa Phone Number good for your business, your conversion rate, and your revenue generation…but that’s just not realistic. You’re very busy showing homes, running open houses, meeting buyers and sellers, and clarifying contractual agreements. The last thing you need is another tedious task to add to your busy plate.

Automated Nurture

A development sequence – sometimes called a “drip sequence” – is a series of emails that are sent over a period of time to new subscribers to your email list. The goal is to stay in touch with your new prospects and build an ongoing relationship with them where they learn to trust your expertise and advice. Generally, the longer you stay in contact with your prospects, the more free value you provide, and the more they trust you, the more likely they are to work with you in the future (maybe not today, but in a year? in two years?

Care Sequence

South Africa Phone Number List
South Africa Phone Number List

Click here to learn more about the power of lead planting and harvesting versus finding your leads) Overall, the healing sequences are extremely powerful. Here are some stats to get your mind spinning. Lead nurturing emails get at least 4 times the response rate of mass emails. The open rate of drip sequences is 80% higher than that of single campaigns . The click-through rate for drip streaks is 3 times higher than for one-shots . You will of course need an ESP – email service provider – like Mail chimp, for example, to collect email subscribers and plan your nurture sequence. But many ESPs have a free version or are relatively inexpensive depending on how many subscribers you have.

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