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In fact, except for the similarity of listed companies, the two have no similarities. The Delong system refers to the behavior of controlling multiple listed companies to invest in each other, guaranteeing each other, manipulating stock prices, and manipulating the market. When writing about LeEco, everyone can clearly see that LeEco has only Oman Mobile Number one listed company, and LeEco has fallen by more than 35% recently. If you don’t manipulate the stock price to rise, you can’t talk about Delong, and if you just cash out and invest in the capital market, it’s really a conscience. After all, most of the listed companies have cashed out into the pockets of leaders, so Dong Mingzhu will shout out the sentence, “I gave you 18 billion, and you are not satisfied. I just don’t give a cent, what can you do with me? Sample?”

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After all, he lent the money to the company for the seven major ecosystems without interest. I think similar accusations are nonsensical. This is probably the so-called if you don’t do things, you can’t be wrong. I just saw an old media person Oman Mobile Number describe Jia Yueting as Ye Rongtian again. I can only say that you deserve to be self-media. Jia Yueting’s internal letter is actually a bit sloppy. For example, when he said that LeTV’s financing ability is not strong, it caused a lot of controversy. Everyone probably means that your financing is not strong, who is strong? In fact, Didi is also very strong, and Meituan is also very strong. Both of them have lost 10 billion RMB in at least one year. The former faces the risk of emptying all of its policies,

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From the perspective of LeTV, the financing ability is indeed not very strong. After all, Yidao has one-tenth of Didi’s volume, LeTV TV has entered the top three in the TV industry, and LeTV mobile phones have also sold 1,000. Seven million, as Oman Mobile Number for the construction of LeTV and LeTV sports content, it may not be easy to quantify, but it is also remarkable. We should not worry more about LeEco than Didi or Meituan, but back to what I said at the beginning, everyone always has respect for opportunistic winners.

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