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SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization in English, which means “search engine optimization”. It means that the website can meet the search engine indexing and ranking requirements and improve the keyword search ranking by means of on-site and off-site optimization, so as to attract accurate traffic to the website and obtain more users. ASO is the abbreviation of Austria Phone Numbers English App Store Optimization, which means “App Store Optimization”. It refers to helping developers increase the traffic and download conversion rate of the app in the app store by improving keyword coverage and ranking, so as to obtain more users. But ASO is somewhat broader than SEO. SEO is more inclined to optimize “search” results, also includes optimization of non-search results such as “list” and “Apple recommends”.

Optimize the Content Austria Phone Numbers

SEO is completely different from optimizing content for ASO. SEO optimization mainly uses keywords, website structure and content, and focuses on the optimization of internal and external links; 1. SEO optimization content includes: internal optimization, external optimization Internal optimization Tag optimization: For example: optimization of title, keywords, description, etc. Optimization of internal links, including related links (tags), anchor text links, various navigation links, and Austria Phone Numbers image links. Website content update: keep the site updated every day (mainly the update of articles, etc.).

External Optimization External Austria Phone Numbers

Austria Phone Number List

link categories: blog, forum, B2B, news, classified information, post bar, Q&A, encyclopedia, community, space, WeChat, Weibo and other related information networks, etc., try to maintain the diversity of links. External link formation: Add a certain number of external links every day to steadily improve keyword rankings. Friendship link exchange: Exchange links with some websites that are highly relevant to your website and have better overall quality to consolidate and stabilize keyword rankings. 2. The optimization content of ASO includes: list optimization, search optimization, and recommendation Austria Phone Numbers optimization List optimization a. Climbing the list: It is the main means of optimizing the list. Generally, the effect of improving the ranking of the list is achieved through a large number of downloads within a period of time, so as to obtain a better display position on the list.

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