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We cannot forget the fact that voice searches will increase. That’s why it’s essential for your it company to keep its potential to be found high. Even as search trends change. Sign up for google my business there is a high possibility that. In local searches. Your technology company can be found. So. In google my business. Offer data such as address. Phone. Images and opening hours to google. As voice searches are important in the context of location. Keeping your business listing up to date will favor your positioning in search results.

Answer frequently asked questions Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists from your visitors talking is completely different from writing a question. Therefore. It is very important that you identify which are the most frequently asked questions by your customers. The production of content must then focus on these issues. Find out from the sales team what questions they hear most. Ask them to write them down and share. See what is being commented on on social media and what are the main doubts of your buyer personas. Article originally published march 26. 2018 and updated november 16. 2020 category.

Talk About What Works

Digital marketing 11/16/2020 tags. Google digital marketing voice search if the webssocial networks are a fundamental piece of the inbound marketing puzzle. Yes. Even for companies in the b2b segment. Therefore. We are already thinking about how your company can make the most of these platforms. Which cover around 6 million portuguese people. Through a social network calendar. A good social media presence has several advantages for a technology company. Introduce the company culture . Which is a great support in recruiting new talent.

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

Create another window of opportunity to interact with stakeholders. Generate more traffic to your articles and materials. Build a brand image that goes beyond the company’s core business – for example. By demonstrating social responsibility . Open the door to social selling and lead ads on facebook and linkedin. If your company doesn’t have a plan for social media. And only publishes when someone suggests “putting something on the networks today”. It’s natural that you haven’t noticed any of these benefits yet. After all.

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The regularity of publications is perhaps the factor that most contributes to the success of social networks. And this can only be achieved through good planning and this can only be achieved through a good social network calendar. If you post too much. You are more likely to lose the interest of your followers. If you publish little and irregularly. You are more likely to disappear from your followers’ feeds . Due to the algorithm that is based on interaction. The result of both situations is to lose followers or never to gain them. Which destroys any aspiration.

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