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How to use google keyword planner examples how to choose keywords what is keyword research and why is google keyword planner important? The first stage of the sales funnel is attracting visitors to your website. Remember? To do this. They need to find your company by browsing the internet. Google is one of the priority channels in this process and your company must appear. The first step is to think about the keywords of your users that your company responds to? Brainstorm and point. Then go to google and type these words to see if they appear.

What results they generate and Finance Directors Email Lists what suggestions the tool itself gives when you start writing. Add any that make sense to your business. Finally. To get more ideas. Look for trends and validate whether those words have enough searches or too much competition. How to use google keyword planner to use the planner. You just need to enter google adwords . In the “tools” menu. Click on “keyword planner” and choose the option “find new keywords and see search volume data”.

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Enter the offer. The url of the landing page (landing page) or the category of the product or service. Your country and the language. With these pre-set settings. You’re ready to go. Although there are more elaborate filters. Click on “get ideas”. A series of suggested keywords will then appear. The average monthly searches. The suggested bid (in case. In the future. You want to advertise on adwords). Download to excel. Then go back to the main menu and click on “view search volume trends and data” to enter and analyze the keywords you selected in the previous brainstoming.

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Download to excel. Now you have a wide range of keywords related to your business that you need to choose from. Examples for example. In the case of outmarketing. Based on “digital marketing”. 440 suggestions appear. Outmarketing keyword research ideas keywords outmarketing the ideal is to organize them by ad group. To facilitate the work and discover/aggregate complementary keywords. In this case. Without any additional filters. Google suggests 21 ad groups.

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Groups ads keywords outmarketing remember to use an ideal of three terms that define your offer. Don’t be too generic (great competition and scope) or specific (few searches) to increase the chances of appearing to those who really interest you. How to choose keywords to choose keywords. In addition to the total fit for your business. You must therefore take into account three factors. Search volume. The average number of times people searched for this exact keyword based on the time period and targeting settings selected. Here you can see the keyword’s popularity.

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