What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Agents

Now everyone is going to be impacted in one way or another. But, you don’t have to be negatively impacted. There are people I know, companies I know, who are doing better than ever right now because they are equipped and they are Guatemala Phone Number organized and they have things like this planned. Or, maybe they just got lucky and they have certain products, of course, that are in high demand right now. I’m going to talk about how to better prepare for what’s to come. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t treat this seriously enough from the start. I thought, that’s just it, like a lot of people said, that’s that cold, that’s that flu.

Financial Impact

The financial side is what I want you to prepare for. What happens with all the stops? The closures are where the devastating part is on the financial side because there’s the health side, which is huge, but it’s likely to be short-lived, months rather than years. The financial side however is where it gets really, really interesting and possibly scary for a lot of people. That leaves more than a month and a half for parents to find a way to work from home while trying to care for their children. We have team members who have several children at home, working and trying to do their best.

Give Him More Gas

Guatemala Phone Number List
Guatemala Phone Number List

So we have policies in place to give our team members more flexibility and leeway during these times. And we said, “We’re going to take it two weeks at a time for the next two weeks.” And that’s where I’m going to come next because there’s so many people still doing wonders right now because so many people are stepping down and I’m going to show you exactly how to do this but we have to double down low and help you earn even more right now, without pulling out and saying “Hey, let’s wait and see.”

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