What Is It and How to Make Yours

Although it seems obvious, I don’t think it’s all that true. When we talk about selling, we think about sales effort, prospecting, negotiation and commercial structure. The role of marketing is to make the company make more sales, however, making the business process lighter . In a user’s purchase journey, he first becomes aware that he has a problem , which could be “my computer broke” or “I don’t have anything for lunch today”. It then goes through the process of considering alternatives . In the first case, he may think about repairing or replacing the computer. In the second, go to a market, bakery or order some delivery. The last phase of the process is the purchase decision . It’s when the user says “I’m going to buy a computer from brand X for R$Y”.

Or “I’ll Stop by the Neighborhood Bakery and Buy Bread

Cheese and ham”. Companies that have a minimally elaborated marketing, even if unintentionally, skip all the steps of the buying process and already take the customer straight to the decision. buyer’s journey The brand user will put it in their routine. He will no longer think he has a problem, but philippines phone number format will see the new computer as a goal, or make going to the bakery a part of his daily life. Your company won’t feel this effect directly at the cashier, but it will mean a lower customer acquisition cost. Even because happy customers indicate your brand out there. I cited two totally different examples on purpose. My goal was to show that no matter your industry and the average ticket for your product or service, a strategic marketing plan can help your business.

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Some Companies End Up Getting It Right by Accident

As they supply the attributes valued by their ideal customers, even without a plan. These can be varied: good atmosphere, competitive prices, cutting-edge service, quality out of this world, meeting deadlines. But have you ever wondered where these companies could get if they made a strategic marketing plan to get to know their customers better and deliver exactly what they are looking for? The best way to do this is through the marketing plan. What is a Marketing Plan? The mechanics of a marketing plan are similar to the mechanics of a business plan . It is a document, both for internal use and for external presentations, detailing a company ‘s marketing objectives and actions .

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