What Is It and How to Do It?

Inventory control is often confused as a merely operational activity . However, it encompasses several competencies and can be decisive in an organization’s profit . In this article we will talk about all aspects of inventory management : operation, accounting-financial, productivity and strategy. Index: What is Inventory Control? How to do inventory control? Inventory control and accounting Inventory control methodologies ABC curve – the classification of inventory control information Inventory turnover and repurchase point How to organize inventory control in a spreadsheet? What is Inventory Control? Inventory control encompasses the activities of planning, organizing and controlling the flow of materials in the organization.

Other Words, the Movement and Storage of Raw Materials

Products (finished or unfinished), tools and equipment. Some companies, mainly services, only need simple controls, not linked to their core activity: warehouse, cleaning materials, food, among others. Companies that work with products – whether their own production or resale – have inventory phone numbers in iceland  management as a key activity for their profitability. Stock control worksheet why do inventory control? – text after advertising – we were once called upon to help a tire shop understand why it was losing money, despite sales being “good”. The company really seemed in order, until we went into stock. There was more than r$1 million worth of tires in stock. The owner explained to us that tire suppliers only sell kits. Some tires in the kits were from luxury cars, with low demand.

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They Were Stopped in the Stock and Were Responsible

For successive losses for the company. We recommend that they negotiate more advantageous agreements with suppliers or team up with other tire shops to make combined purchases. This example seems to be unrealistic, due to the size of the stock that the company had too much, but believe me, this is the reality of many Brazilian companies . Especially with many products, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage losses and gains. Without communication, the sales department will continue to sell. And the purchasing sector buying – or the production sector producing. Inventory will continue to grow as long as there is space or the problem becomes untenable. A company’s stock is a volume of idle capital . In addition to the company spending money on storage, idle capital means loss of money, as the company is giving up sales.

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