What Is Adwords?


What-is-adwords Prime LIGHT What it is: Google Adwords is Google’s paid ad service. Through it, you can promote your products/services in two ways: a) Search: Text ads that appear on all Google searches.  Typically at the top of search results. b) Display: Text or banner ads that on Google partner sites according to their theme. How it works: Adwords works mostly on the Cost Per Click (CPC) model, that is, you only pay when the visitor is interested in your ad enough to click on it. This was a great novelty in the advertising market that was dominated, mainly by offline media, by the Cost per Thousand (CPM) model, that is, you pay for thousands of viewing your ad, but not necessarily interest and consequent clicks! In addition, Google Adwords operates on a dynamic keyword auction system.

Let’s Say You Own a Generator Rental Company

In São Paulo and you’re going to start your campaign there. For his first ad, he decided to expose his company in the following searches: “rent generators sp” “how to rent generators for parties” “best generators in são paulo” Prime LIGHT For each of these terms, Google will tell you the level phone number german  of competition and the average price of a bid for you to appear. Therefore, the more you are willing to pay per click, the more times your ad will appear and the more clicks you will get. The big question at the end of the day is understanding which terms are generating the most conversion and are worth using the most! How to get started: Anyone who has a website can start using Google.

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Adwords by Registering in the Tool!

Normally, when you start, Google gives you an initial credit to test and find out how it works. In addition, there is an entire usage tutorial and several videos and courses.  On the internet with the details of the operation! What is more important to understand is that Adwords is nothing more than a balance between visitor volume and conversion. So, the more specific your ad is, the greater the chances of sales.  But the fewer people will be looking for it. The more generic your ads, the more people will see and be interested. But it might not be exactly what you’re looking for! So, have you already started using Adwords? Do you need any help? Leave your comment!

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