What Is a Social Media Consultant? What Are You Doing?

Are you looking to hire a Social Media Consultant or do you want to work as a Social Media Consultant? A social network consultant or Social Media Consultant helps you, broadly speaking, to gain visibility on social networks and generate community around the brand on networks. The loyal community is the one that opens the doors to generate leads and sales in the future. As a Social Media consultant , I seek these objectives for my clients, appropriate to their means, available resources, and investment capacity in social networks.   Social networks are one more channel within the range of media that we have in Online Marketing. Not all brands use it well, nor do they all need it: you only need a social media strategy if your audience is on those social media.

But Tasks Does a Social Media Consultant Perform?

We see them: SMO or Social Media Optimization A Social Media consultant seeks first to optimize the social networks of the brand , that they are fair and necessary, that they are professionally well laid out, and that they are ready for the necessary tasks in the present and future. The first telephone number database  step to see which social networks we are going to stay with comes from the data extracted from the Social Media Audit . Later, in the elaboration of the Social Media Plan of the business, we clearly determine which social networks we maintain and why, and which social networks we remove and why. Thus, from the initial Social Media proposal, it is clear which social networks.

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We Are Going to Use and Why to Do It

Since it is very important because resources are limited. Social media strategy In addition, the social network consultant determines the strategy to follow , since he acquires prior knowledge of the business that, together with his knowledge of digital marketing, gives him an overview of steps he is going to follow in the didital strategy of the business . The social media strategy consists of: 1- General Social Media strategy. 2- Strategy for social networks, for each one of them. 3- Actions for each of them: content, creativity, etc. 4- Determine an editorial calendar in social networks . 5- Multi-channel communication line. 6- Metrics and kpis to measure in social networks.

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