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Let’s not think that Double 11 is over just because today’s results are good. Every team should go and see what regrets we have had from the preparation period to now, and record them. I hope that everyone can really summarize, to be able to see where the regrets are, and how much regrets could have been reduced. Let’s talk about small closed loops. When some businesses are Country Email List developing, they like to see the end-to-end small closed loop. Why? Small closed loops are easy to do, and the fate of small closed loops is in one’s own hands, not on others. But because of this consideration, we have a lot of unnecessary repetitive construction and unnecessary small closed loops.

I Want to Say That the Country Email List

more happy everyone is, the more joyful they are just now watching the experience and reminiscing about the beauty of the day, but after the beautiful day Country Email List has passed, I want to listen to the voice of customers and be a little more myself. Reflect. Tomorrow we will have another day of the monthly management meeting. Together, we will take a little time to review the results at the group level and see done better in “Double 11”.

In Fact Teacher Ma Has Country Email List

said that the roof should be repaired on a sunny day. Today is November 14th. This year’s “Double 11” has earned us a time to repair the roof. How can we make good use of this time to repair our own roof? This is my summary of the “Double 11” individuals. I also want to take this opportunity to share it with you. Knowing the hardships and sufferings, everyone should have their own Country Email List account, and everyone should be aware of what is good and what is not. I want to talk about what to do after “Double 11”, which is also a question that everyone is concerned about. In fact, before and after the “Double 11”, you should have heard Mr. Ma’s five “new” on many occasions, both from the outside and inside, new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new energy and new technology.

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