What are the odds of winning a WeChat video account?

At the beginning of this year. Brother Long said in the video played in the WeChat public class that. WeChat will launch short content and sold it at that time.

A few months later. We saw a new action that WeChat has been brewing for a long time after the applet. Or this is the next direction of WeChat.

There is a secondary navigation in the discovery tab of WeChat: video number.

The market is educated and mature

With the rise of Douyin and Kuaishou, a large number of users have personally participated in this event, whether it is video viewers, individual photographers, or those short Thailand Phone Number video production companies and mcn that have been blazing fire in just a few years. Organizations are providing countless short video content for this feast.

Such a national great leap forward accelerated the development of the industry, and completed the education on the supply side and the demand side of the market in a very short period of time, making it a life culture that everyone can play.

Perfect infrastructure

Thailand Phone Number

The benefits of 5G are obvious – data will be transferred 100 times faster than 4G.

As well as may wish to review the social benefits brought by 4G and the industrial chain opportunities that follow. The arrival of 4G is a key factor in the rise of the mobile Internet, and the prosperity of the entire mobile Internet has lasted for nearly 10 years.

As well as the advent of 5G, all industries that involve large-scale data transmission will benefit greatly. There is no doubt that it is good for short videos.

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