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At our last Carrot Camp, my dear friend and teammate here at Carrot Joaquin Ortiz. Told me how he and his family have been personally affected by cyberbullying. Joaquin is a great example of one of our core values: to be a beacon Romania Phone Number of positivity and possibility. He reminds all of us here at Carrot to go within and shine a light on the positives around us. I was thrilled to be able to sit with him here on the Carrot Cast and can’t wait to have him again! Later in the podcast, I’ll share a BIG call to action that will have a profound effect on you and those around you! Joaquin often finds ways to bring the team back to center.

Loss of Humanity

In addition, I don’t care about the facts, that’s not what’s important here. What’s important is that there was a highly accomplished human being on the other end of those comments. Of the negativity, and of the possible hostility. There are no laws to protect people on the internet like there are in the real world. If a crowd of people show up on your lawn, you can do something about it. Not so much when the crowd is online. The things people say online would never have been said between people communicating face to face.

Acquire Help

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Today, the internet gives people the courage to say things online that would never be said in real life. Coupled with, Joaquin asks all of us to be more careful about the things we say to the people we are with and the people we talk to online. How well do you listen to others without judgment or assumption? We can all be guilty of slipping into the negative when we feel attacked or less. But when you attack others to feel better, you have no idea what’s going on on the other end or what that person may be going through. Not only can we be aware of what we are saying, but we can also help encourage those around us to pay more attention. We can raise our children to edify people.

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