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Explanatory infographics and even fun gifs that have to do with your business can be a smart way to do whatsapp marketing and stay in touch with customers. Sending a gif related to the culture of that line of business can go viral. If done with the right customers and groups. Would posting a gif like this to a group of sellers be successful? 8- share your content your blog posts. Articles that you or your company have published on linkedin. Podcast. E-books. Slideshares and other forms of rich content can also be shared via whatsapp. By the way. If your company is going to participate in fairs and events. Make a launch or inauguration.

This is an interesting General Manager Email List channel to publicize these news. Now that you know how to prospect customers via whatsapp. Here are some tips to close more sales: how to use whatsapp to sell more from agendor 9- catalog whatsapp business has a function called “catalog”. With it. You can include your products/services in a portfolio and provide it to your customer. In a fixed and practical way. Through the common version of the app. This function is only available for business accounts and is very simple to apply. See the step by step: within the application settings.

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Access “company settings”; tap on “catalog”. Then on “add product or service”; select “add images”; set the name in “product or service name”; then set the price in “r$ price”; tap on the “more fields” option to include description of your products/services such as details. Link. Description. Etc; once all the information is complete. Click on “save”. 10- labels this other tool is very important for differentiating your users. With it. Which is only available in the business version of whatsapp. You can mark conversations or messages and list them from most important to least.

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With colored and themed labels for each saved item. This makes it easier to access and visually more organized. To access this tool. Just follow the steps below: access the “settings” area; tap on “business tools”; select “label” and “add new label”; add a name for that tag and click “save”. Extra tip: keep a history of top messages with the expansion of the features that whatsapp brings to companies. This app started to be used as a way to record the dialogue that took place between your company and the customer. With that in mind. Agendor brought this new functionality in the form of an extension for chrome . With it.

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You can add new leads and send their message and deal histories directly to the crm system . Without having to leave whatsapp web. The implementation of this tool is very simple. Once installed. You will notice this new functionality opening on the right side of the screen automatically after logging in with your whatsapp web. Once this is done. You are ready to take advantage of the main benefits of this software. Did you have any doubts? See our guide on how this extension works .

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