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Some may be better suited for those with a budget, ecommerce specific, or ideal for sales and marketing teams. Five business benefits of live chat support 1) Convenience for your customers Many people don’t have time to make Belgium Phone Number calls during business hours, so having a live chat on your website is one way to make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you. Live chat can be 24/7 if you have the resources or manage the user flow properly. 2) Support and simplify the sales process If a customer is having trouble entering payment information, or wants to learn more about a product before buying, you can fix the problem immediately and avoid losing them to another site.

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You can integrate live chat transcripts into your CRM so customer records are all in one place. 3) Gather valuable information about your product/service There may be more people chatting live than there are people doing it over the phone, so it can be a valuable first-party data resource. What do people like about your product? What topics did you pick from live chat queries? How do people Belgium Phone Number websites and brands? discuss 4) Keep your customers coming back Live chat, once added to your website, is likely to increase customer engagement on your website, which can only be a good thing. It can also help you retain loyal customers by providing useful information on order status, return policy, and handling complaints. 5) Cost-effective With the right training, your customer service team can multitask, increasing efficiency and reducing customer wait times. Everyone wins!

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However, like most things, it’s only worth having if it works and there are tradeoffs. 1) Website Speed This is the biggest hurdle for many websites that implement live chat functionality. Many people report a 1-10 second increase in page speed after implementing live chat. At the end of the day, it comes down to the plugins you use and the sacrifices you’re willing to make to improve the customer experience. A lot of research has been done to test each plugin and how they affect website speed. I especially like this done by DebugBear. DebugBear site speed test for live chat Since page speed is already a ranking factor, and with the May page experience update , you have to think very carefully about implementing live chat and testing, testing, testing.

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