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Then you want to be able to add some detailed demographic data, fields of expertise or studies, right? Or at least a similar target audience of your current customer base. Hence, therefore; Unfortunately. Striking the right chord with the target audience Fortunately, Meta indicates about the above itself that by selecting these special categories they are only better able to strike the right target group. From an ethical point of view it is of course quite logical that you do not want to exclude groups of people in this. But how do you do that if you are looking for a new colleague with a number of years of experience or a specific completed previous education? Or when you offer a lease car with an upper-class budget for a target group of business professionals?

In Ga4 Which Values Ump

Then I and colleagues tested the first campaigns with special ad categories. And guess what? The results are very good! And of course, I am happy to share these results with you. Also read: How do you bypass the iOS 14 update and still make social advertising work? First results We regularly carry out Switzerland WhatsApp Number List various recruitment campaigns (which is of course already a competitive market at the moment). This gave me the opportunity to compare the new situation with the old one. They do this based on the online behavior of the users, processed in the powerful algorithm. Sounds good right? Somewhat skeptical that we have become as hand-tied digital marketers, I thought: first see is to believe.

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This is because similar ads can spark discussions and influence opinions. With this, Meta tries to ensure that there are no evil intentions behind it and that it remains ‘cosy’ on the platform. You can read more information about this category on this Facebook Support page.Unable to target anymore Okay, back to losing targeting options on the other three specialty categories: loans, housing, and employment. A fourth category First something else. In addition to the three categories mentioned above, there is also a fourth category: social issues, elections or politics. You can still select specific demographic targeting options, but you must first confirm your identity and you cannot run ads in a country other than where you or the sender are located.

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