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Domain is used by AhRefs, whichever you choose. The higher the DA linking back to your site (eg, the BBC has about 97 out of 100 sites), the better your brand’s chances of ranking higher in the SERPs. View inbound traffic from links The main purpose of getting a link is not direct traffic, but it is often an added bonus. Monitor the number of clicks from backlinks to your website – this is much easier than tracking the number of people visiting your website after a TV ad. 4 – Soaring Ranking Position This is a positive sign that your digital PR efforts are paying off, and those golden links are actually paying off. Work with your SEO team to analyze your brand’s placement in the SERPs. 5  Social Media Followers If your branded content is featured in valuable publications, chances are people will start sharing it on social media.

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Monitor the number of shares your content gets on social media. Life in a PR Office – 20 Years Ago are sent with the press release. These are usually photos, images that illustrate your pitch. They are very expensive and time-consuming to produce, and both PR specialists and editors need to work on them. Before email and Drop Box, they were an inevitable evil! This is what transparencies look like! Press Latvia Phone Number Transparencies Mail merge used to be a well-trained skill. This is the process of sending a press release to a pre-researched media distribution list. Learning how to format letters to fit properly into window envelopes is key. Diagram showing mail merge and envelope format learning Learning to Mail Merge and the Stress of Formatting Envelopes.

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Stamping machines are a must-have for any respectable PR office. Licking the stamps on envelopes is too time-consuming. The daily deadline for letters is 5pm, when a friendly postman comes in to collect the mail. It’s our job to befriend the postman to ease his impatience on days when the 5pm deadline doesn’t come. Catching up on post-print runs is also an essential skill. The Post is Latvia Phone Number up of letters and maybe windows so we can write by hand an old-fashione. Newsletter; a press release; and a company brochure for the sales team — remember, there’s no website! Press release in the mailbag The post used to be bags and bags: full of press releases. Floppy disks are use to copy documents, files, and anything else.

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