Using an Excel Spreadsheet to Control Your Hotel or Inn Reservations

How does the entrepreneur portal (mei) work per filippo ghermandi-08/11/20171312782 entrepreneur portal – mei – individual microentrepreneur prime light see also: all about mei – individual microentrepreneur the entrepreneur portal the entrepreneur portal, mei portal or individual microentrepreneur portal was created so that meis can solve everything in the same place. In it, in addition to micro-entrepreneurs having access to the latest relevant news and detailed legislation, they are also able to hire services without much bureaucracy and solve a series of issues.

Billing Control Worksheet for Mei to Help You

We prepared this article listing several ways to get help on the portal: 1) open a mei the first steps towards the formalization of the company must necessarily be taken on the entrepreneur’s portal. This is where the start of the mei opening process begins: formalize-se prime phone number mailing list light formalization as mei – individual microentrepreneur it is quite easy to open an mei. We even prepared a complete tutorial teaching you the process step-by-step. Check here how to open a mei . 2) change the registration data to change the registration as an individual microentrepreneur, the process also begins on the portal: change mei registration you will need to have your cnpj number, your cpf and the simples nacional access code.

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Not Having the Latter, You Can Generate a New

One from the farm’s website . 3) issue the das-mei das-mei is the monthly payment book that every individual micro-entrepreneur must honor . It is a simplified collection of taxes and charges. Its great advantage is that the value is always fixed and is around r$50, depending on the activity performed. To remember the composition of the monthly value of the mei , just read our article on the subject. On the entrepreneur portal, to issue the das guide, you must access. Be careful not to pay the same ticket twice! Billing control worksheet for mei leave the mei.  When a mei registration is no longer in use. Because the entrepreneur is no longer carrying out the activity in question. It is necessary to cancel the mei registration.

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