Use of Social Networks in Crisis: Strategy and Examples

How to use social networks in times of crisis? When a moment of crisis arrives , it is time to act, also in social networks . Social networks during a crisis need a strategy , improve and optimize their professional use , and for this I bring you today some examples of how to change the strategy in social networks during an economic, financial or health crisis, as it is happening. I talked about it with Antonio J. Ortega from Optimiza Tu Funnel in his live shows on Facebook and YouTube. in a series of videos that he is making with other Digital Marketing professionals in these moments of crisis, and that he has called #MarketingEnCasa . Watch his channel that has very good videos, and subscribe, because it goes up every day. Good advice to know what to do with your business while you are at home.

I Am Not Talking Now About a Crisis Plan for Social Networks

Which will be the subject of another post. I mean that, when a crisis like the current one hits us, the worst thing we can do is stand still , paralyzed by fear, even if we have the business shutter down. In a crisis, social networks have to adapt to the changes produced in society, to the way thai phone number¬† of doing online marketing. It’s time to get to work designing a Social Media strategy during the crisis so that our brand doesn’t lose what it has gained so far, and continue there when the crisis passes. Social Media Strategy in times of crisis What to do in a crisis? How to manage social networks in a time of high uncertainty? During a crisis like the current one, your social media strategy has to change.

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We Cannot Do the Same as We Did Before

Temporarily, adapt our Social Media content to new needs. For various reasons : 1- Our digital audience that consumes content has increased. 2- Our competition may be generating valuable content, and we are not. 3- The priorities have changed, or have been modified, and now there are priorities, there is a new order in the scale of values. What to do with social networks with the crisis First of all, what you have to avoid is to disappear from social networks, stop posting. The time you spend outside of them will harm your social media engagement , your interaction will drop, your visibility, and on top of that, the competition will be filling that space that you now leave free, and will more easily reach.

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