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The guidelines are 166 pages long, covering a wide range of topics online with EAT and how businesses can ensure their website is compliant. The guidelines are so extensive that we have creat our own abridg version of the guide! Clean up your backlink profile As many people turn to cleaning their kitchen cabinets and closets, you can do the same, but with your backlink profile. Cleaning up your backlink profile is something that many businesses fail to do and only realize the importance of after being hit with a penalty from Google.

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By using your time wisely to thoroughly clean your backlink profile. You not only ruce the risk of being hit with a Google penalty, but also. Improves organic ranking Accelerate indexing Increases referral traffic Site Spe. A website that has good Cambodia Number Data loading spe makes a good first impression. Increasing overall user satisfaction by up to 16%. It will also help build the trust requir for a user to share their personal and other private information such as billing details with you, helping to close the deal. According to research, site spe also plays an important role in site loyalty.

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With Isometrics reporting that 52% of online shoppers consider page load spe to be important. Site spe can also benefit your social mia efforts. For example, pages that load at a fast pace will often appear higher in our News Fes, resulting. In greater reach and engagement compar to websites that took longer to load. To improve the spe of your site, consider Ruce the number of page rirects. On your website Take advantage of browser CW Leads caching Improve service response time by finding performance bottlenecks Using a content delivery network to equalize the load of broadcast content Optimize your images to ensure they are not larger than they ne to be.

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