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These do not require any requests for font files, although they may be very limit in terms of aesthetics. Is the image optimiz? Often, the largest image above the collaps element will be the important image to ensure image optimization. The following are general good practices, but are especially important for LCP elements. Use the correct image file type. JPG images should be used for photos, SVG for Iran Phone Number graphics and icons, or PNG for more complex non-photographic images if transparency is required. Make sure to save or output JPG images at 50-60% quality. At this level, there should be no noticeable loss of quality. Also, make sure the image has metadata stripped from it.

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Compression plugins or services like can automatically batch optimize images and remove unnecessary metadata. Images should be size to fit the area in which they are display. Do not output high-quality desktop images on mobile devices. Images should be output using standard <img> tags and the ‘srcset’ attribute of responsive images. Images below the fold or Iran Phone Number should use the loading=”lazy” attribute. Use the next generation .web image file format for higher compression. This can easily save 30%, and in many cases even more. Consider preloading the largest above-the-fold image to start the download faster before other potentially less important content. Reduce render blocking files Any JavaScript or CSS files loaded in <head></head> elements are considered render blocking because they need to be downloaded before the page starts rendering.

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This can have a huge impact on the FCP and LCP metrics. Render-blocking files in the header should only be us if they are critical to the display of the above-the-fold display on the page. Removing any unused files in the <head>, loading non-critical files in the footer, or combining multiple files into fewer files will reduce the number of render-blocking assets. Don’t use JavaScript to display LCP Before CWV, it was no big deal. JavaScript is often use to animate or display above collaps elements, such as fading text or. A hero carousel, and usually has little effect on the speed score. If the display of the largest element relies on JavaScript, this often results in long delays because JavaScript must be downloade and execut before the element appears. JavaScript files are usually (and quite rightly) loaded after the <head> element, so they don’t “render-block”, but that means they can still effectively block the LCP’s rendering.

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