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This world is very unfair to us. Our interests have been violated by so and so. The baby has all kinds of bitterness in his heart that he can’t express. In fact, there are some dark and wretched thoughts in his heart that he dare not say! ——In short, the negative side of a certain psychology needs to be vented, and the dark side of a certain psychology Greece Mobile Number needs to be understood, cared for, and even rationalized! ——It is human nature to have such thoughts, what shame! Superiority . People always want to be in some kind of dominant position in the crowd, at least not to be despised for being in a disadvantaged position. A sense of superiority may come from identity, ability, certain values.

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Secondly, the passive voice uses a sentence structure which requires more cognitive effort. Your reader will spend valuable working memory on making sense of the sentence. This decreases the likelihood of you getting your message across.  So we see Greece Mobile Number that what high-level Internet celebrities do for most of them often directly hit these three demands: 1.  for people’s grief and anger Criticizing and complaining, saying that people dare not say things that are inconvenient to say (big truth), and help people to vent. For details, see papi sauce’s complaints and Ma Weiwei’s arguments in “Wonderful Flowers”. Help people shift responsibility and escape pain.

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The reason why you have lived so hard is because of Britain and the United States and their agents!” “Dear American compatriots, you are industrious and excellent, and the reason why you are so bitter is because of foreigners. Immigrants are Greece Mobile Number so annoying!” Understand people’s pain. Do you still remember Luo Fat’s New Year’s Eve speech, when he said “I live like a baby, I wake up crying every few hours” in “Entrepreneurship is Hard”, I immediately got tears in my eyes , The pain and anxiety of entrepreneurs, they usually do not tell outsiders at all, but today I finally understood… It turns out that everyone is so miserable! Rationalizing the dark side of psychology.

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