Types Of Electronic Commerce

Although we often tend to use the term ecommerce to indicate any form of electronic commerce, there are different types. 

  • C2C: consumer-to-consumer, i.e. the type of electronic commerce that takes place between private citizens acting as operators, often based on the use of third-party platforms that facilitate economic transactions between users, also referred to as P2P , peer- to-peer.
  • C2B: consumer-to-business, or that electronic commerce in which consumers offer products and services to companies in exchange for a fee. 
  • B2E: business-to-employee, i.e. the transaction that takes place between company and employee, and vice versa, E2B 
  • B2G: business-to-government, or the transaction that takes place between a company and governments, often also referred to as B2A , or business-to-administration. 
  • C2G: consumer-to-government, or the transaction that takes place between consumers and governments, often also referred to as C2A , or consumer-to-administration. 
  • G2G: government-to-government, or the transaction that takes place between governments. 

Obviously, the most common type indicated by the term ecommerce is B2C, also called the storefront model .

How To Open An Ecommerce

st absolutely not be a Bahrain Phone Numbers complicated undertaking, nor too expensive in terms of time and money.

Here’s how to open an ecommerce in 5 steps:


If you want to open an ecommerce, the simplest and most effective way to do it is to rely on an ecommerce platform.

You just have to be careful and rely on platforms that are not simple web builders. The bes such as Shopify, allow you to manage not only your shop window but also the different sales channels, commercial operations, marketing strategies and much more.

These are real software that will accompany the growth of your store from the beginning and in all its phases. 

Become your one and only boss. He starts your dropshipping online store and finds products to sell in just a few clicks.

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How much does it cost to open an ecommerce

Opening aindependently, using a platform is definitely the cheapest option and it allows you more flexibility and to invest your resources in something else.

The market segments in which electronic commerce takes place are:

  • B2B: business-to-business, i.e. companies whose customers are other companies. It concerns commercial transactions that occur between two or more businesses, such as between supplier and manufacturer or
  • manufacturer and wholesaler.
  • B2C: business-to-consumer, i.e. commercial transactions that take place between companies and individual consumers. These are transactions in which a company sells directly to the final consumer.


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