Types of Digital Marketing

The marketing area is full of buzzwords, english terms and acronyms that end up confusing more than helping. For anyone starting or just hearing a new concept, the feeling of confusion is constant. However, the truth is that just from news that emerge from time to time, the main concepts and macro strategies of digital marketing can be seen in a few examples. In this post, i will list the 6 most important ones that will help you to have a very good view of the market. 1. Search engine optimization (seo) : these are the strategies used to achieve organic ranking in search engines (google, bing, etc). In this case, you will be concerned with the good structure of your pages/posts to be easily found.

Volume of Pages Posts on Your Website Blog

As well as partnerships to get links to your website (this increases your relevance) . Digital-marketing-example-google-search prime light 2. Performance marketing (outbound): in this type of digital marketing, you will work with the purchase of paid ads. This type phone number in morocco  of strategy is complementary to seo, as it gives short-term results! The most famous services that use this type of model are google adwords and facebook ads. In both, you pay per click you receive, this is called pcp. Google-adwords-examples-of-digital-marketing-panel 3. Email marketing: another very famous term in the world of digital marketing is sending email marketing.

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This Strategy Is Still One of the Most Used

With the greatest results. Conducting email marketing campaigns means being able to register emails from customers and potential customers to regularly send them information about your business. Typically, this strategy is closely associated with content marketing. Email-marketing-mailchimp-relatorio 4. Content marketing (inbound): content marketing is fully involved with seo strategies and, in most cases, also with email marketing. Using content marketing strategies means that you are creating posts, videos, e-books, etc. To help your customers with questions associated with your product/service, and in the process, you are trying to attract them to your website.

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