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Also read: understand what a monthly fee proposal is and learn how to have more predictable revenue in your agency the importance of the digital marketing contract although we are increasingly used to lead capture strategies through digital tools. Many companies. The more traditional ones. Still do not have a full understanding of the properties of this service. This condition triggers insecurity and confusion. In this sense. In addition to helping the client during the negotiation on how this service provision works. It is necessary to prepare a document that protects both parties.

Alignment between VP Risk Email Lists and sales? See the tips: as we mentioned earlier. The digital marketing contract should be mandatory for your organization. Regardless of its size. Understand some attributes that make it indispensable: transparency in the relationship with the client a crucial element in the digital marketing contract is the specification of the service that will be provided . After all. The service is the object of this contract. This means that it is around him that all the particularities of this document will unfold. In view of this.

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The service provided must be well described in the contract. Covering all its conditions and materials used for its delivery. This will allow the client to feel more secure in relation to the contract. After all. He will have a legal formalization that will defend him if the contracting company acts contrary to what was foreseen. Working with transparency is paramount not only for financial and legal security. But also to provide: greater understanding of the topic by the client; alignment in communication between contractor and contractor; customer loyalty ; more credibility for the contracted company; better positioning in the market. Visibility into project deadlines and stages during the provision of the digital marketing service.

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It is normal for the client to question the contracted company about the progress of a project. In this context. How is it possible to make this clearer to him? Developing a schedule that specifies each stage of the service. And delivery dates. But this is not just for monitoring the project. It is also important for the company to comply with the schedule. Without causing damage to the client’s strategies. And to prevent the client from requesting something that is outside of what the contracted company has proposed to deliver. However. This schedule needs to respect what was previously aligned with the client. This should be discussed during the sale process .

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So that there are no surprises in the formalization of the contract. So be sure to check your crm system to see if the schedule is being developed from what was discussed during the negotiation. Because of this. Don’t forget to record everything. Especially the email exchanges. In your commercial management system so you don’t create holes in the negotiation and lose the sale. See how simple it is to record emails using agendor: want to know more about our solution? Try it for free. Without commitment. By clicking here ! The timeline entered in the digital marketing contract: avoid delays; prevents errors; increases team productivity; helps with task prioritization.

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