These Effects To Their Own

This is also called the ‘welcome flow’, and it closes the reciprocity in the perfect way. You gave the customer something, the customer gave it back, and you help the customer further. But beware: this is the moment when you are top of mind with your new entrant, so take advantage of this too. The open rates of these types of emails are significantly higher than your regular email campaigns. So think carefully in advance about what you want to achieve with a welcome campaign. Consider, for example, increasing the chance of a purchase. Also read: Why social proof works so well (and how you can use it) A tip for your welcome campaign: immediately request the gender of your subscribers when you register for the very first time. You can then easily enrich your automated campaigns on this.

Effects To Their Own

Principle 2. Sympathy People like to say yes to those they like. But who exactly do we like? According to the psychology of persuasion, this has to do with three factors. We like people: that resemble us. who compliment Algeria WhatsApp Number List us with which we work towards a common goal. Do you want to apply sympathy in your marketing automation? Then look for similarities between you and your customers. And see if you can give genuine compliments before you get to the point. Sympathy and marketing automation Do you want to create sympathy within marketing automation?

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To Their Own

An important factor is making your CW Leads team visible and the recognisability that follows. For example, have your team members write something personal about themselves on your ‘about us’ page and use the name of one of those same teammates to send the whitepaper if it’s requested. Screenshot of personalizing your marketing automation. The example above shows how online marketing agency Heers approaches it on their ‘about us’ page. Short, sweet and personal. It gives a personal touch to the desk, and if you later receive an e-mail with white paper, then you know who it came from. An easy way to build relationships. Motive 2.

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