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Have you ever heard of digital marketing for it companies ? As the most likely answer is “no”. Here are some “lights” to change your approach and get your marketing department generating sales in 2016. Tips to get your marketing department generating sales in 2016 bet on outcome marketing : also called attraction marketing. Outcome marketing is an approach that seeks to attract your potential customers. Instead of approaching them evasively with methodologies such as “cold calls” or massive mailings. Change your marketing department’s mindset and opt for an “outside-in” approach qualify your employees: bet on qualification.

Insert them in the world Founder Email Lists of digital marketing. Guarantee them courses and certifications. They will thank you and so will your business. Consult the market and research digital marketing agencies: do research. Call. Ask. Ask questions and schedule meetings. Results marketing is not a subject to be taken lightly . But it can definitely change the course of your company… for the better. Collect testimonials. Confirm references. Talk to other customers. Go to the market. Search. Research. Inform yourself…. And then choose choose an agency targeting your market: there are hundreds of digital marketing agencies on the market.

Sales Teams Is An Essential

But probably very few targeting specific markets. When making a shortlist of the digital marketing agencies you have consulted. Make sure that the one you choose is familiar with your market . Knows the ins and outs of your business and knows how to move freely in your area of activity. Confirm that the agency you choose has a marketing automation tool: many digital marketing agencies work using a multitude of software. Online tools and other resources.

Founder Email Lists

But this does not allow a global and integrated view of all marketing actions digital that you carry out in your company. Only with a global vision can you accurately measure the roi of the digital marketing actions that are networks have forever changed the way of working in the commercial department of information technology (it) companies. And have become one of the main tools of inbound marketing . We have entered the era of social sales . Where the art of “feeding” the well-informed buyer is largely done through digital media.

Balance At This Point

Long before any personal/telephone contact and long before any deal is closed. There are some secrets for your it company to sell more with digital strategies . Especially in networks aimed par excellence at the b2b business. Such as linkedin . Here are 5 tips to become a linkedin sales master. What to do to boost sales through linkedin? 1. Your profile should reflect your business do not view your personal profile as a mere academic summary or professional history. As there are potential clients who use linkedin as a channel to search for solutions to their problems.

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