Such As Not Being Able To Customize

This way you can see that a visitor has visited your website via Google Ads, later installed your app and then made a purchase via the app. It is not just a new update or version. This means that you have to start collecting data all over again in this new version, because you cannot convert the data. The reason for Google to come up with a new version, and therefore also a completely new measurement method, is that Universal Analytics (GA3) no longer met all requirements and needs. A major disadvantage, for example, was that you could not follow the user across all devices, which is possible with GA4.

As Not Being Able To Customize

This means that you cannot see in GA4 which values ​​utm_term and utm_content have, so that you miss valuable insights. So start collecting data in Google Analytics 4. And let this run parallel with Universal Analytics.That way you can get used to the differences. That will make the transition a lot Spain WhatsApp Number List smoother next year. Getting started with GA4 At the moment, in my opinion, Google Analytics 4 still has a lot of steps to take in the development of the interface. For example, the Google Ads and e-commerce reports are still minimal and I also find the conversion attribution reports less. There are also other limitations, such as not being able to customize shared reports.

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Able To Customize

But how do you determine your affiliate niche? Why choose affiliate marketing? Why is affiliate marketing an ideal way to start an online side business? In this way, you already collect data in GA4 and you can ensure. That you get as many of the same insights as possible as in Universal Analytics. I assume that Google will adjust (read: improve) a lot in GA4 in the coming months. Stay informed of the developments, to determine for yourself when is the right time for you to make the definitive switch to GA4. More and more people are choosing to earn extra money with affiliate marketing. And that’s not for nothing. Affiliate marketing is an interesting marketing channel for both companies and publishers.

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