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Who will i speak to? What is the audience profile? How long will i have available? What do you know about it? How can what i have to offer benefit you? 2. The script it is the guiding line of the presentation. Here the main objective is to create a story that manages to capture the audience’s attention. And that leads their reasoning to the main message. That is. How our products and/or services can help the cxo to gain more competitiveness in its business.

It is essential that the VP Media Email Lists content is simple. Concise and that it meets the challenges faced by the cxo. Only in this way. Detailing the problem and demonstrating that we understand it. Will it be possible to obtain the interest and trust of the recipient. And it is also in this guideline that we must show how we manage to solve the problem. Through our products and/or services. While transmitting the benefits and true competitive advantages of our company. 3. Visual identity the script is just the beginning. If the presentation does not have a defined design.

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It will be difficult to reach its end. The presentation template must be consistent with the company’s image. Follow the same colors. The same font. However. We must add new graphic elements (such as photos. Icons. Lines. Shapes. Etc.). According to the topic addressed. And never forget that an image. As long as it is relevant and framed. Is worth a thousand words. After we have the script closed and the layout defined. We can proceed with the creation of the slides. 4. The slides whether the slides are built in prezi. Ppt.

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