This Allows Marketers To Analyze

Both Felyx and GO used words such as ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’. According to the Advertising Code Committee, these words will give the average consumer the idea that an electric shared scooter is by definition a sustainable choice. That claim is too absolute and, according to the Environmental Advertising Code, that is not allowed just like that. It must then be possible to prove and be very well substantiated. Also read: Sustainable communication without greenwashing? 6 tips A less absolute claim, such as a comparison, is sometimes possible. How green is an electric bicycle?

Allows Marketers To Analyze

But what about an electric bicycle and the statement ‘nothing rides cleaner’? Gazelle used this in a commercial, in which the cyclists cycled between cars that Kenya WhatsApp Number List were standing still in traffic jams. That bike is cleaner than that car, right? In any case, that was the comparison Gazelle had been trying to make. According to the Advertising Code Committee, this was not enough. There was no obvious exaggeration and the statement was too absolute. It is not the cleanest means of transport there is. According to the Advertising Code Committee, it was not clear enough that Gazelle intended to make a comparison between cars and electric bicycles.

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Marketers To Analyze

Can you fly green? “With Green Airlines you fly climate-conscious! Per passenger, more emissions are offset than are caused.” Sounds great! Away with flying shame. Books that trade. The idea is that trees are planted in Costa Rica to (more than) compensate for CO2 emissions. There is a project for that. Again, the claim is too absolute and substantiated, while consumers get the idea that they are doing a good deed when they fly with this airline. Shadow of airplane flying over forest.

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