Tips for Mastering Local Seo for Real Estate

In the early days of the web (the “caveman days” when we still rubbed two sticks together to build HTML websites), there was a rush for top Thailand Phone Number level domain names one or two words for really general sentences. . Things like “” and “” for example. At the time, targeted search terms such as “real estate investment” were in high demand. Today people are a little more sane (a little more) and they understand that owning a domain name with just one or two words might work if you’re trying to offer general information to a wide audience, but not so you’re trying to market to a specific geographic audience.

Local Seo

If you live in Chicago and want to try a new restaurant, you probably don’t sit down at your computer and just type “restaurant” into the search engine. Instead, you type in something like ” Chicago restaurants ” or maybe even something more specific, like “pizzeria” and the name of a Chicago neighborhood. And the restaurants that appear for this search result? They were smart enough to use local SEO to optimize their websites. They built their sites around the location-based keywords you used to search. Google is getting better and better at creating location-based search results on more generic topics where people are probably looking for something in the city they’re looking for… like “restaurants”, “plumbers” and “ real estate agents “.

Based on Location

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Thailand Phone Number List

But for what most real estate investors want to rank for, Google hasn’t quite figured out how to know the most relevant location to deliver results for terms like “investment property”…so they show national results. Google Serving Up Location Based Results… on the more generic topic which tends to be very local in nature. Like agents, restaurants, plumbers, etc. The same idea applies to real estate investors. You have a location-based service and your website should be optimized for your location. Targeting a general, national audience with your generic information; you are targeting a location-specific audience with location-specific information. In other words, you are offering to buy, rent or sell a property in a specific location.

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