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Reinvigorate Your Marketing Campaign As in the original article, we delve into all three points in more detail. Reputation Management: Search Would you like to watch my video? I recorded a 20 minute video that goes through all the South Korea Phone Number management concepts covered in this article. Even better, watch the video and use everything in this blog post as practical reinforcement for you to take away! Prepare: Prepare for your new normal The lock is being lifted, of course. You can safely go back to your business and get it up and running again, but the first thing any business owner needs to accept is that everything is far from normal. Don’t try, just get back to normal. COVID-19 is still common and the risk is high.

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People, including your colleagues and clients, are still cautious and nervous, and you need to get use to it. The companies that thrive are the ones that embrace that fact. Here are some of the actions they took to achieve this. Complete rigorous peer and client risk assessments Social distancing measures consider and implemented in line with government South Korea Phone Number Last, but not least, effectively communicate the above two points through their digital assets Health, well-being and hygiene need to be at the forefront of your communications One of Hallam’s clients , Daltons Wading applied the first two points perfectly, putting together a risk assessment for each role in their business and making operational adjustments around the office to ensure social distancing rules were followed.

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These new rules and changes were also communicat in advance, and every colleague knew where they were going back. In addition to this, colleague who can still operate from home are told. Remember that your co-workers are your greatest and most important assets, and in this case, they are likely to be nervous and anxious about returning to the office. By making and communicating these changes, and even South Korea Phone Number out to them about their own thoughts, it will go a long way toward making them feel safe. Communicate proactively – creating safety and clarity for your employees As a company, consider how you communicate internally. FAQ forms are a quick, easy, and effective way to get your colleagues. The answers they need without getting overwhelm and worrying about the unknown.

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