Time Investing With Dennis Bassett

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc on the economy, now, more than ever, part-time investing is helping people not only subsidize lost income, but generate more income than they ever imagined. . In this two-part series, we’ll meet Ecuador Phone Number returning CarrotCast guest Dennis Fassett, as well as Paul DoCampo. We’ll talk about how you can get started, how you can do it while still having a job, and why you need to be a great real estate marketer to close the most deals. In 2018 Dennis had 77 trades. In 2019, he did 56. Those numbers are very high and the most important thing is that he did the majority of them while having a job or consulting full time for another company.

Dennis Is a Marketer

What I love about Dennis’ story is that he’s proof that you can jump in and build your business any way you want. Dennis is good at finding leads, but because he’s working, it’s not an option to go out to see houses during the day. Therefore, he partnered with the best wholesalers in the area. He gets the leads, they see the houses, and the profits are split between the two. Could he earn more if he did it full time, taking care of everything himself? May be. But then it would have to compete with those same wholesalers it is associate with today.

Your Marketing

Ecuador Phone Number List
Ecuador Phone Number List

If he can match his current salary from his regular job by working about 12 hours a week, why would he want to change that? Ready to start investing part-time? Here is your roadmap Your time If you work full time, don’t spend your work time working on your real estate transactions. It can cause you to miss both. Instead, create a time when you can work on this stuff, whether it’s 2 hours after dinner each night or waking up with the sun to work on your business before you start your full-time job. For Dennis, he found that when he tried real estate full-time, he actually became less effective.

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