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That is. Instructional or “how-tos” with step-by-step instructions to perform a certain action. The second stage of customer success is to strengthen the relationship with the customer. So videos such as the team presentation. Specific webinars for customers. Or even success stories from other customers can appear. Example vidyard . An online video production platform. Wanted to combat the excess of emails it sends to its customers. The solution was to update and present the team via live stream . In this way.

They believe they are able Training Directors Email Lists to convey a more authentic reality about the company and create longer-lasting relationships with customers. Determining video marketing content formats and topics video demos . Videos with a tour or test of the product. Which serves as an overview even before the product is purchased or tested by the product itself. Institutional or branding videos . They present the brand. The vision and seek to increase awareness or establish a positioning. Event videos . Filming conferences. Seminars or trade shows. Videos with experts .

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Interviews with experts or names of authority. Both internal and external. Teaching videos . Faqs. How-tos. Instructional videos or walkthroughs for the onboarding phase. For example. Explainer videos . Fictitious presentations that put themselves at the feet of a persona and justify the existence of the service and the problems it solves. Animated videos . Perfect for visually presenting difficult-to-explain concepts. Live . Live videos have more engagement. Are more authentic and usually show “behind the scenes”. 360º or virtual reality . To promote a different.

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Fully immersive experience. Augmented reality . For products or services that lend themselves to augmented reality. Such as online stores. Instead of emails. Set the channels youtube and facebook are the most popular platforms for using video among marketers. But in fact. Linkedin is the most successful ( 87% of respondents in the wyzowl study say they are successful with this social network). Fortunately. This is also an excellent platform for b2b technology companies. Linkedin users prefer “explainer” videos. Which quickly explain the solution. And now.

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With linkedin’s new live streaming option. You can increase interaction with your team and cover events. They can be interesting for tech companies looking to build a corporate culture image that supports their talent acquisition strategy. As an example. Zendesk. A customer support software company. Frequently publishes behind-the-scenes content about its employees. Offices and the many benefits of working there. Conclusion just 10 years ago. Producing a video was almost cost-prohibitive to fuel a video marketing strategy. In 2020. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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