This Real Estate Agent Doubled Its Closings

Shemaiah Fox is a real estate agent in Santa Cruz. She markets her business in a way that most real estate agents don’t even consider, and because of that, she’s cluttering up her competitive market. Since implementing Carrot and an inbound Costa Rica Phone Number methodology, web pages viewed by Shemaiah have increased by 227% and page closures have increased 2x. Recently, she joined us on the Carrot Cast to discuss her journey through our 30-day challenge, which helped her push her market authority even further. She quickly becomes the leading real estate expert in all of Santa Cruz!

Hunting to Farming

There’s a relentless drive that drives entrepreneurs, and while that’s an important quality for success, it’s also not sustainable. Ask any ex-entrepreneur why they got a day job and they’ll probably tell you they worked too hard and too Costa Rica Phone Number long for too little return on investment. This is because most entrepreneurs are looking for their closings. They pay for ads, ask for referrals, send direct mail, follow-ups, and cold calls. But here’s the thing: the moment you stop doing these things… the leads stop flowing. Which means the only way to generate more leads or keep generating leads is to keep working harder and longer…keep hunting. But what about a farmer? A farmer is different from a hunter.

Lead Generation

Costa Rica Phone Number List
Costa Rica Phone Number List

They plant seeds, nurture those seeds, and then reap the benefits of their special attention. less work All lines on the left are equal to the length of the line on the right, but more progress is made when the focus is on a single Costa Rica Phone Number critical direction. Of course, it takes longer to see results, but the harvest is much more abundant and, in terms of return on investment, it requires much less work per closure. Farming strategies include SEO, brand awareness, and content marketing…all strategies that most real estate agents overlook.


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