These are the products in which it is not profitable to invest and it would even be advisable to

Elements of the bcg matrix that represent greater liquidity for the company. We must invest in their innovation and constant promotion so that they do not lose the category of star product and become “cow” products. Cow product : these are those products that represent a large market share but are threatened by their low growth potential. Within the bcg matrix, they represent mature and consolidated products in the sector. They can be the main source of profitability for a company as they require little investment, but their demand may be threatened in the future.

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Therefore, it will be necessary to invest in developing new star products. Dog product: they represent those business units that have come to represent a low market share and have also lost their growth margin. These are the products in which it is not profitable to invest and it would even be advisable to eliminate Latvia Phone Number them from the product portfolio due to their low profitability. Question product : they represent the opportunity, or threat, of the future within the bcg matrix. These are products that present a high growth perspective, but that currently do not represent a significant market share.

The main function of the

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They are products in which strong financial investments must be made to expand their sales and turn them into “star” products. If the strategy is not approached correctly, they can become a “dog” product, which will generate losses for the company. What is the bcg matrix for? The main function of the bcg matrix is ​​to represent the life cycle of a product , being able to classify the products of the portfolio within each phase. Thanks to the bcg matrix we will be able to establish. The most appropriate marketing and sales strategy for the products. Depending on the stage in which they are found.

Question mark – build: invest to increase sales and market share. Star – protect: guide efforts to defend market position through innovation and promotion. Cow – take advantage: minimize expenses to optimize the profitability of a product. Since there is no longer an attractive growth potential. Dog – delete: the product has neither growth potential nor a

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