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How strong the team spirit is. Presenting who the people behind the company are. Among others. This type of content is relevant not only to your customers. But also to attract potential candidates who want to work for your company. Through the feed of ibm . Oracle . And reddit for example. You can get inspired and start your b2b instagram strategy. Share your customers’ success stories the success of an it company. Is reflected in the success of its customers. But. How to share the success stories on instagram? Give voice to your customers and invite them to express the satisfaction of having your company as a business partner.

Trust me. Your customers Design Directors Managers Email Lists will be delighted with the co-promotion opportunity! Strengthen the spirit of company ambassador if you do a simple survey using hashtags and even tags. You can find that many of your employees and even partners and customers are happy to publish content about your it company on instagram. Appreciate this type of proactive action and share the content on your own corporate account. In this way. In addition to having genuine content on your instagram feed. You will undoubtedly be creating and strengthening your company’s ambassadorial spirit.

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Uncomplicate the understanding of your products. Services take advantage of the high visual impact of the content that is. Published on instagram to educate your target audience and. Consequently. Make it easier to understand your it products and services. Create infographics. Tutorials. Demo videos and explain how you can help solve your customer’s business problems and pains. Get involved with your community look for interesting ways to chat and engage with your community. Bet on inspiring images. On captions that are able to generate a positive action and encourage your employees. Partners and customers to share your content.

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Whether through hashtags or other actions. Such as a challenge. Inspirational messages surprise and inspire through your b2b instagram! If followers are used to viewing content related to your it products and services. Why not give them something they weren’t expecting? Create a selection of inspirational messages to share on a lazy monday or a gray thursday. Messages can be taken from books. Articles or simply suggested by your collaborators. Hubspot posts inspirational messages quite often. Get inspired by the handwritten quotes feed that complement your products and company voice.

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Use hashtags to interact with your followers create an official hashtag for your it company’s instagram profile and also for specific actions or campaigns. This is a simple and effective way of interacting with your followers. As it encourages you to share something you have in common. With a mission to share the power of work in people’s lives. Wework uses a variety of hashtags such as weareweworko; oracle promotes the company’s culture through the hashtags lifeatoracle and adobe . Through the hashtag adobe_createjoy. Holds a monthly competition with the design community. These are just a few ideas on how you can use hashtags on your b2b instagram.

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