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Here, you can make some post-it notes and write down as many words or phrases as you can think of that are associated with your brand. Set a timer for two minutes and write a word on each post-it until the time is up. You might Austria Phone Number with something obvious, but the idea is that once you’re in the flow of it, you’ll come up with something more emotional and real, which is exactly what we need. Don’t overthink it – let your brain run free. word steam post-it notes put it together You should now be able to use a lot of words – so let’s try to connect some dots. Start building a one-liner with your words that embodies who you are as a brand. You can use multiple words, just one, or none at all.

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The idea is just that it sparks some inspiration and gives you a starting point for writing. Make it a team effort The best positioning statements have multiple opinions. Gather your leadership team or any key person in your business and hear from them, or have them try writing their own version. Not only does this help inspire some of the most creative and impactful statements, but it’s also a Austria Phone Number way to ensure everyone is aligned and following the same vision. your brand promise The next exercise is to find your brand promise. This should communicate your vision and what your brand actually brings to people. I don’t mean the product or service they buy from you – you’re actually giving them something deeper and more intangible.

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Take Apple for example; their promise is not that you will have the best technology. Their products will make you a different person, a person who sees and exists in the world in a different way. That’s certainly more inspiring than just Austria Phone Number a decent laptop or phone. Dig deep into the heart of your business and try to write it down. It doesn’t need to be fancy or sound great, but it has to be real. Build your key brand message Once you have your positioning statement and your brand promise defined, you can start crafting some key messages that use the work you’ve already done to guide and inspire you. Key information covers a lot of things.

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