The Roaring 20s in Social Networks: 10 Social Media Trends 2020

2020 arrives and with it the trends in social networks, the 2020 social media trends , and so on in each area of ​​Online Marketing . The roaring 20s are coming to social networks , cyber-optimism, crazy years . We see it? Social Media Trends 2020 What are the roaring 20’s? The 1920s of the last 20th century were called the Roaring 20s for several reasons: -It was a golden age, a few years where everything seemed possible, at a time of economic growth that seemed endless. -We lived better than in the decade of the 10s, but it was only a mirage, since the shadow was hovering over Humanity.

Happy 20 Years in Social Networks Now 2020 Arrives

We open a new decade of this 21st century. What does the future hold? What trends will there be in social networks? How will social media change in the 20’s? Will they be happy also for social networks? Social media trends and social networks for 2020 Come the changes that come, what I tell uae phone number you now, what you have to be clear about is that social networks are the way, not the end in itself . Social Media, social networks, are not going to make you sell more by themselves, but within an integrated Online Marketing strategy , which unites social networks, your blog, your website, etc. Guide to create your Online Marketing strategy Trend 1- Facebook Watch Video is one of the main contents on social networks.

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Facebook Will Further Boost the Potential of Facebook Watch

A platform it created to compete in the future with Netflix and YouTube. In Facebook Watch, all the videos of the platform are hosted centrally. Well, in 2020 Facebook will promote Facebook Watch in part due to the growing consumption of video news within Facebook, and that, as is the case with Netflix and YouTube, it will facilitate its consumption from televisions in 2020. Trend 2 – social media ads Social ADS, or advertisements on social networks, will continue to grow in 2020, not so much to favor direct sales, but more focused on capturing the truly relevant data of the potential client: their email and/or their telephone number. That is where the strength of capturing leads through social media lies .

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